Web Testing

browsersOur web testing teams specialize in manual testing of functionality and browser compatibility testing of websites, web applications, and client-server applications. We will test against client’s specific requirements. We have different configurations and we can do our testing with parameters provided by the client.
Once testing is under way, all bugs that are encountered will be added in real time into a mutually accessible bug tracking data base (either the client’s or QATSystems). A daily summary report will be submitted at the end of each test.
In addition to functionality and compatibility testing, QATSystems test experts can also provide our clients with a general user experience feedback requested by customer (Usability web app testing).

System configuration for web app testing:
Windows XP + All internet browsers supported by the OS system;
Windows 7 + All internet browsers supported by the OS system;
Windows 8 + All internet browsers supported by the OS system;
OS X (any specific requested version of OS requested by client) + All internet browsers supported by the  OS system;
Browsers on mobile device (including iOS, Android and Windows phones and tablets)

Today almost every web app could be handled by automated testing. We will develop best strategies and we will use best practice of using automation tools. Our favorite automation framework is Selenium, but we are open to discuss any other automation frameworks requested by customer, including mobile automation testing. CONTACT US today to discuss manual and/or automation strategies for your needs.