Migrate your website data to new hosting by yourself

Migrate your website data to new hosting by yourself

If one day you will be required to migrate data from one hosting to another one for any reason then this short tutorial is just for you. There is one common pattern that users need to follow to migrate their data. There could be any reason why and where you want to migrate.

Reasons to migrate your website.

  • Cheaper hosting with different provider / company;
  • Faster hosting with different provider / company;
  • New deal with existing provider, but to be able to get the deal you will need to open new account;
  • Building custom solution and migrating data to the new solution (or ex. website);
  • Others;

Ok, Let’s get started! Task is to migrate the website and database to the new cheaper hosting plan. You have built your website last year with us and today you would like to move to the cheaper hosting provider. You need to follow next steps.

1. Create a backup.

Do this steps right before the actual migration. I will recommend this step to have setup even with the any migrations. For a growing product, website or projects always important to have most recent backup. All users files, database tables and etc. Setup for ex. cron job and run it once a day, once a week. Also, today almost every single hosting provider offering backups and copies.

2. Actual migration of user files or system files.

Migrate actual files to the new hosting or account. It is super easy. Use any FTP-client. I recommend you to try Filezilla or again any FTP-client  you are familiar with. Connect to the hosting provider and upload your files.

3. Migrate database and data.

Login to your hosting provider. Go to CPanel or your hosting provider control panel and search for database management. Create a new database. Find import option and just select your database files from the backup from step 1. Everything should be uploaded automatically.

4. Transfer your domain and point to the new folder

In you control panel find domain manager app and point your domain to the correct folder and save it. This change could take some time to get updated across the web (up to 24hrs).

5. Verify your website is up and running.

Open your browser and navigate to your website. Everything should be the same. Login and logout. Do a few more tests and check the functionality and data on the website. Check what types of software QA and testing can be performed based on your product, website or project.

Congratulation!!! You have successfully migrated your website!!! This is common pattern for website migration and data migration. Of course, there are always some specific cases and some extra steps might require. If you have any questions or need some advice just contact us and we will help you! Interested in our services? See the full list of services we are providing to the businesses.

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