Pay with Venmo Plugin for WordPress

Would you like to collect payment using Venmo from your customers on your WordPress website? If the answer is “yes”, then try our plugin: “Pay with Venmo” – it’s Venmo plugin for WordPress developed by It is Free and we will try to update it as frequently as we can by adding new features and more functionality and make it compatible to use with other great e-commerce plugins.

Use “pay-with-venmo” link to download zip file and upload it to your WordPress plugin directory. After the file is uploaded just activate it and the link to the admin section of the Venmo plugin for WordPress will be on the menu, like on the screenshot below:

The user just has to click the link in the menu and add their venmo account URL which they would like to collect payments to and click Submit button to save the URL in WordPress.

Congratulation!!! You are all set and ready to embed your venmo form. No other credentials are needed and required! The example form will be below. The submit button is disabled since it is only sample form. No worries, you will be able to test the form as soon as it will be embedded on the page.

Pay with Venmo admin page in WordPress dashboard

Pay with Venmo admin page in WordPress dashboard

One more step left. Just copy and paste bold shortcode to any page where you would like to see and collect payments. Below is an example of embedded Venmo plugin for WordPress payment collection form on the page.

Pay with Venmo for wordpress embedded to the page

Pay with Venmo for WordPress embedded to the page

Now, you are 100% ready. Was it easy enough? Users can also apply their own CSS overwriting existing one.

Let us know! Email us any feedback to or contact us with your WordPress tasks. We are also specializing in Drupal, custom coding, web and mobile apps (Android and iOS).

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