Jobs Section now available on

Jobs Section now available on

QATSys team has a great news!!! We are happy to announce our new section on the website – Jobs. Are you looking for a job? or your friend? or colleague wants to change and grow in the software quality field? Please, visit our Jobs section and find your next opportunity. Review your best match job and send us an email and we will get back to you with the phone/ email or both and will help you to reach your future employer. We are helping you 100% free and there is no charge for “contacts exchange”. We are here to help you grow as a QA Engineer in the right direction. Jobs section will be updated daily and will include more job search providers.

We are also providing resume reviewing / writing / editing. We only specialize in the software QA. We know what we are doing and how to help you grow and how to bring great experience to the users!

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When is time to have a QA department

    When do you know it’s time to create QA department ? How big the team should be? Should you hire full-time QA testers or use Contractors?

   All these questions are coming in mind when you are ready to release Alpha/Beta or coming updates for your product/software. Let’s try to answer these questions with quick and short post today.

    When do you know it’s time to create Quality Assurance department ?
    We would say: as soon as possible. Of course, depending on the budget that you can spend on QA. Why? Because you must have the department which will work on quality of the product, have a “new look”, do regression testing before each release. You can say that developers can do this and I will answer: Yes, but developers are to develop the product, but QA is for Quality of the product, which meaning QA will help your company to grow by using product as a regular/normal user, observe user experience. It’s vital in software development. Both departments (Developers and QA) should work together to deliver high-quality product to your customers/users. Both departments should have the same goals. QA department is supposed to mitigate that risk of users losing trust in your product. So, the answer is “As soon as possible”.

    How big QA team should be? Should you hire full-time QA testers or use Contractors?
    To answer this question you must understand next: 1. Quality of your product/service is very important for the users and only users/customers are deciding if they like product or not and how buggy, overall user experience and impressions. 2. Your budget: if your budget allows you to bring a lot of experienced QA to your company – just do it. If no, hire experienced QA manager who will calculate all risks of releasing without testing as well as how many QA testers you need and strategies. There is a big myth that you must have as many QA testers as many developers you have working on your product. Other words, developers count = qa count. Bring as many QA as you can, because you want to avoid and know how your product (software, apps) works before your user starts complaining and give you low-rate review. Depending on situation and how complicated your product you can have few full-time QA and the rest hire for your need through staffing agencies or directly as a temp/part-time employees.

   In the end we would like to say: bring QA as soon as you have a chance, budget. QA could be full-time and/or temp/on-call people who will put the best effort to deliver high-quality product. Nowadays when IT industry is growing, you can find QA testers for any budget. Good luck with your product and your QA department even if you have only one temp person who is doing QA for your company.

Welcome to the QA world!

Welcome to the QA world. We provide high-quality, no bugs services for IT companies. Want to get more info – CONTACT US today.