Intro in software testing and software QA

Intro in software testing and software QA

Today, I have decided to start my qa/testing blog and will post all the changes that I see at my work, Software development processes, testing and releasing a new version of the software. The topic (Software QA) is massive, so, I will be telling you about my experience in my past and current projects. I don’t have a plan to write and post with any specific schedule, but I will try to make it as more frequent as possible. We are all adults and have family, kids and more-more-more :). I will start with a short introduction of myself below.

So, let’s begin. My name is Alex (Aleksei). I was born in Latvia, but lived in Belarus for almost 12 years and moved to US in 2009. For last 5+ years I work as a software QA engineer. I worked for large international and small companies in the US. I’m doing both: manual and automation testing for both web and mobile products/applications. I worked for c2c, b2c and b2b companies. I have a lot of experience in the area and, of course, found a lot bugs! WOW, can’t even remember numbers of bugs that I found. Currently, working for a small company in downtown San Diego, CA with b2b model and building my own small project here: You can read about it here: The project includes web app and ios app. My LinkedIn profile: If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to ask me on LinkedIn or using our contact form on the website.

Jobs Section now available on

QATSys team has a great news!!! We are happy to announce our new section on the website – Jobs. Are you looking for a job? or your friend? or colleague wants to change and grow in the software quality field? Please, visit our Jobs section and find your next opportunity. Review your best match job and send us an email and we will get back to you with the phone/ email or both and will help you to reach your future employer. We are helping you 100% free and there is no charge for “contacts exchange”. We are here to help you grow as a QA Engineer in the right direction. Jobs section will be updated daily and will include more job search providers.

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